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Handmade, one-of-a-kind vintage sconces
from Kathleen Caid's Antique Artistry


 item #: 4856

Set of four, single arm sconces with downwards oriented ‘LOTUS SQUARE’ shaped shades. The metal sconces are finished in a soft gold. The four shades are covered with a golden beaded silk with just a touch of beading around the bottom edges.

$ 3,920.00 Set of Four

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Set of Four

 item #: 3460

Pair of incredible double-armed scones with painted grey-white finish-accents in blue. Pair of "Geary" shields sit atop the candelabra sockets, each ombre dyed from grey-blue into ecru and then covered with an all-over beaded silk, sequined trim and hand-beaded fringe. 21" tall.

$ 2,420.00 Pair

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