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Artists Statement

I am basically a collector and an artist. When I was 17 years old I walked across the threshold of my first antique store and I knew that my life was changed from that moment. I love treasure hunting for the old elements I use in my lampshade and  jewelry making.

I was born with the itch to make art and I felt I knew how to paint before I could speak in sentences. I have never had any idea of what to do with my life other than be an artist. It has been who I was and how I acted since I was aware of being myself.

The theatrical look I create, that’s just my taste. I like fancy, opulent and old world; and, I want to make things that fit into that scheme. I want to live in, revel in it, adorn myself and others, but most of all, I want to create it.

What I am doing with the jewelry is using found/collected items of inspiration, many harvested from the vintage and antique textiles I use on my lampshades, and bead-weave them together with companion elements to make a mixed but harmonious whole. I use pearls, crystals, beads, gems, and any other delightful thing that catches my fancy.

My hope is that what I create from my imagination sparks yours as well!

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